Cannot customize context menu for plain body text

I see how to customize the various context menus but I do not see a context menu in Tools > Customize > Context Menus that looks like the one when I right click any text in the document which, in this place, is designated “Default Page Style” and “Default Paragraph Style”.

I get:

As you can see, there is no text in this, the default template. There is no need for any page break becuase that has nothing to do with my problem. When I go to edite the context menu I cannot FIND this menu in the available lists.

I assume that the application “knows” what the context is and sets the “proper” menu for that, but if I create a table and click in a cell, the context menu on my document *s


till* isn’t like the context menu in Tools > Customize > Context Menus > [Target] > Table.

Help? TYIA

Win 10, fully patched.
CPU Threads 16; OS Windows 10.0 Build 1044
UI render: Skia/Vulkan; VCL: win
en-US (en_US); UI: en-US
Misc: Calc: CL

You can not apply a different Page Style for the individual pages in this way. You must modify the structure of the document, when you try to modify the Page Style of a single page.
If the desired function is exist in the list, then it will apply the Default page style for all of pages what had same page style in the specific part of the document.
It need more than one click if you want to modify the page style of only one page. You must insert one or two special Page Break(s) (before and after) with the new style.

Thank you but this doesn’t apply. Here is a one page default doc. You can see that there is no text at the moment, but it is going to put type in the Default Paragraph Style on the Default Page Style.

This contect menu I cannot find to customize in the Tools menu.

You can assign the Default Paragraph style to a Context menu. But depended on the cursor position, it can be appeared different Context menus in a paragraph. Therefore you must modify all of Context menus, what can be appeared in a paragraph - if you want to modify the style of the paragraph from all of possible Context menus.
For example to modify the Context menu named “Text”, you must choose the Styles category, and the you need choose the specific style from the Paragraph Styles list. Then you can add it to the Context menu by the right arrow. (Use a separator line for your custom items. It is a visual help for you, when you use the Context menu)

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And I don’t have the same menu setup you are showing:

Which version of the LibreOffice are you using?

My image is created in my LO 6.1.6. The “Text” context menu is a littlebit different in my LO 7.2.5 portable version.

Could you verify whether, in either version of LO you are using, the context menu that appears on say, a blank, default page also shows up in Tools > Customize > Context Menus? If it does, which [Target] menu is it?

That is the context menu named Text. But it will be reduced when you use it, and the textual environment not allow to use some assigned functions.

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Thank you. You are very patient and kind.