Cannot delete comment dot from converted spreadsheet

A few months ago, I converted a spreadsheet from OpenOffice to LibreOffice. At the time, some cells had comments. I’ve since noticed that any cells that contained comments in the OpenOffice sheet can be deleted, but the little red indicator in the cell won’t disappear. It works fine for any comments added and deleted now, but the cells where there were comments during the conversion will not go away.

Even if I do a “delete all” on the cell, the contents and formatting and everything else goes away but the red dot remains. Frustrating.

If you add and then delete a comment to one of these cells can you remove the red dot?

Also try creating a new sheet and copy everything from the old sheet.

If above is not working can you edit your question and attach example, use a copy with all data deleted to avoid publishing information.

I tried adding a new comment and removing it but the red dot persisted, however…

Your second suggestion of copying and pasting the entire thing into a new sheet did the trick! It carried over the comments I’ve added using LibreOffice but none of the errant dots. I didn’t even think to do that because this spreadsheet is tied in with several other sheets in the same document but I’m happy to re-link the fields.

Thank you for the help.