Cannot download libreoffice

I tried with 3 browsers firefox chrome and edge i cannot download libreoffice

Oh, what a pity!

gabix smd

I suppose that @gabix is hinting you that your question does not provide any information that could allow others to give a helpful advise. No OS, no error message… “Cannot” means what? @EarnestAl started to play guessing game below…

And starting to be rude in response is not nice.

Anyway, if your download is interrupted (I guess here, too), then you may have a bad luck of being served by some broken mirror auto-assigned by Geo-IP. You could try to pick a different mirror manually (using INFO link on the download page).

7wdtbHMg.msi.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.

Try again later, or contact the server administrator.

That’s what i get on firefox.

I cannot pick a mirror because i get the same message when i click to pick a mirror manually

In android is downloading but stopping every 0.3mb that means i have to press the download button a thousand times and i am not willing to do that.

Notified infra at #tdf-infra about the issue.

=> Was notified that this should be resolved now.

If you’re on Windows 10, then Windows could be blocking.

Click Start menu > Settings > Apps > Apps & Features and under the heading Choose where to get apps click the drop down and select anywhere

You should be able to download LibreOffice. If you have Windows 10S then either upgrade to Windows 10 or use the LibreOffice version on the Microsoft app store (payment required)

Make sure to disable anti virus when installing as it might block access to necessary folders. See General Installation issues (Windows)

Cheers, Al

Dude i tried from android also.
Their servers just don’t upload the file.
Do you think they say at random that

"Having problems downloading LibreOffice? Note that we do not provide technical support for installing or using the software. If you need help, please visit Ask LibreOffice.

But if your question is about downloading LibreOffice from our website, let us know: (1) Your operating system version; (2) Your web browser; (3) Error message(s) you see. Send these to and we will try to help."

On their download page?
Obviously i am not the only one and this is some kind of scam.

OK. Can you ask a proper question. I don’t want to play 20 questions.

But wait until the download site is up and running again. Or don’t if you think it is a scam. You can buy a version from the Microsoft app store if you trust them more.