Cannot download LO 6.2.03

Was using older version for ages without any problems. Foolishly decided to download newer version. The download process has successfully removed the older version but has repeatedly frozen in completing the update. I now have no LO at all and can’t access any of my files!

The download only downloads. It doesn’t remove anything.
What’s your operating system?
Where did you downloaf from?
How did you attempt to install? What messages did you get?
(BTW: To install an x.y.0.3 version may sometimes be a bit rash. It’s always the first release of a series somehow re-engineered and having implemented new features. Not heavily longing for new features you might better wait for a bugfixed release like x.y.3 or so to come.)
Being in a different situation I too installed 6.2 already. There are issues. However, my experience with it is not too bad.

Thanks for reply. Downloaded from Libre Office website. Windows 7 Google Chrome browser. Microsoft Internet Explorer freezes at same stage. Same thing happened first time I tried to download a week ago with an older version 6.1…? It announced it was removing older version at early stage of first download attempt.

See this FAQ.

After repeated failures I tried re-installing an older version (from my computer log in Windows Search). Same problem with LO 6.1.2 version So I tried the LO 5.3.0 version. It had to initially uninstall a few LO files (presumably from the abortive update) but then re-installed correctly. So I now have Libre Office back again and can access my files. Needless to say I won’t be in a hurry to get any further updates until this fault is rectified. I’m just surprised no-one else has reported this issue.

I’m just surprised no-one else has reported this issue

… which only means that that’s not a LibreOffice installer problem, but a local Windows Installer database corruption problem (mentioned in the FAQ).

Install process in brief:

  1. Check if older version already installed
  2. If ‘yes’, then instruct Windows to Uninstall the older version

If Windows ‘successfully’ fails at step-2, then you will receive an error message, which will quote the exact version of LO that it failed to Uninstall and ask for the CD or MSI-file, etc… That is useful, because LO maintains an archive of all versions. You can download the (exact) correct version then, once the file is on your disk, you can right-click it in a desktop Explorer window & choose ‘uninstall’. More info at the Windows FAQ page.

Your situation is even worse, as it seems that Windows failed partway through Uninstalling the previous version. The previous paragraph would mean that your Windows system is suffering corruption, and you likely will soon require a complete Windows reinstall. This situation makes that certain. You have a Windows system issue, and need to reinstall Windows ASAP. Like, now.