Cannot edit data in an imported accdb file

I am new to LibreOffice.

I have imported an Access accdb file into LibreOffice Base. I can view the table, sort the data, change column sizes etc. but I cannot edit the data in the cells.

Any help would be appreciated.

Peter B.

What you can do with the .accdb file depends on your operating system. For example, on Windows you can establish an ODBC connection. What is your OS?

WIndows XP, 7 and 10.

I discovered that the database I created was only linked to the original Access accdb file. That explains why I could not edit anything.

This brings me to the next related question. How do I IMPORT an accdb file? I stepped through the Database Wizard but could not figure out how.

I also tried opening an accdb file from LO. I selected File\Open then double clicked on the accdb file name. LO eventually converted the accdb file into a “Writer” file which turned out to be over 11,000 pages of garbage.

Peter B.