Cannot eport to EPUB from master document

Attempting export to EPUB Results in the following error dialogue:

Error saving the document DocumentName:
Wrong Parameter.
The operation was started under an invalid parameter.

All associated files are in the same directory. Each of the linked section documents that are inserted into the master document export as individual EPUBs with no issues or errors. Only the master document fails to export. I am using the Ubuntu version of LibreOffice on Pop_OS.

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I had the same problem today and found your post here. I think I’ve found the solution.
If you use File > Export… instead of Export as, you will create an odf of the master document. This then exports to epub as a normal odf.
I hope this works for you.


Thanks, it indeed is the way to deal with it. Results of translating generated pdf to epub are worse in general.

BTW, I consider this a bug where the option of exporting should be grayed out or, better, LO first generates an interim .odf. in order to get it working - for example of course.

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Are you sure you mean an .odf which is a formula document created by Math? Are you using “generically” ODF to mean Open Document Format, regardless of its variant (text, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, math, database)?

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You’re quite right. I was confusing the two terms. I meant, of course, that you should export to .odt.

Apologies, and thank you for the kind response. I’m afraid I don’t seem to be able to edit the post now so my error will stand. How annoying.