Cannot get spellchecker to work in Writer (in PT-Brazilian)

I tried the inbuilt pt-br checker and Vero, which seemed to install perfectly, to no avail. When I spellcheck anything in portuguese, no occurrences are found, no matter what is in the text. I chose the language properly in different dialogs (under the main window), but I always get “the spellcheck is complete”, even if there are plenty errors.

I am on Mac OS X 10.9, and I am using LO 4.4.3 but I tried many earlier versions as well (4.3.7 and earlier), and I tried previous versions of Vero besides the most recent one (3.2), but nothing changes. When using English-US, spellchecking works like a charm.

I tried trashing the LO profile and the app and reinstalling it from scratch a couple of times, but nothing works. Can somebody help me please? Are all users having this same problem? Thanks!

After a lot of experimentation, I managed to find a solution on LO 4.4.3 and OS X 10.9:

First, I installed Vero 3.0.0 and closed LO. Spellchecking did not work at this point, even if grammar worked.

Then, in Preferences > Language settings > Writing Aids > Available Language Modules, I clicked on Edit, selected Portuguese (Brazil), unchecked all items and closed this window and then the preferences window. Then I did the same once more but this time I checked the Hunspell Spellchecker option. Now everything works properly.