Cannot get VBA Macro to work in 7.1

I have LO Version: (x64). I cannot get a VBA Macro to work. When I open the spreadsheet that has the Macro, it asks to Enable Macros. I hit the button to enable macros. However, the Macro is not enabled. The macro has a lot of buttons and none of the buttons will work. When I look at the code behind a button by right clicking and doing “Assign Macro” the button has no macro assigned to it. I first get warning about “No Java 64 installed”. I have another very recent forum question about not being able to enable Java. When I open the spreadsheet in Excel, the macro works perfectly. Oddly, the computer that has Excel does not have Java installed, yet the macro works perfectly. Does LO require Java, whereas Excel doesn’t?

VBA Basic is different from LO Basic. Also API to functions is different. So, if you copied the macro from some Excel sheet or site, it won’t work with LO Calc.

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No solution but maybe a path:

Depending on your macros, expect a lot of work…

Yes, I copied the macro from Excel. Is there a reason LO Basic is different?

Possibly because VBA is part of Microsoft Office and LibreOffice uses StarBasic

  1. Not, Java not is necessary for execute macros.
  2. The support for VBA in LibreOffice is limited, look:
    Support for VBA Macros
  3. Is better migrate any macro to LiboBasic