Cannot insert svg 1.1

When I try to insert a svg (version 1.1) it only inserts a small void (resizable) square. Svg 1.0 files can still be inserted correctly.

My workaround: I open the svg file with inkscape, modify it very slightly (for instance: select all elements, ungroup them, regroup them) then save it again, it creates the 1.0 version, that can be imported.

Is this a bug or is it just not implemented yet?
Is there any solution, or a better workaround than mine (without opening another software, or using only a lightweight command line tool)?

LO version (linux)

PS I’d liked to add example files (the original produced by geogebra classic 6 (svg 1.1), and the same file, opened, slightly modified and saved by inkscape (svg 1.0)) but it seems there’s no way (svg files cannot be attached to a post, nor posted as pictures…)

A quick Google search and looking at a couple bugs doesn’t show anything about the SVG version being the problem. Rather, it’s probably something else related to the content of the files. Perhaps looking on Bugzilla will give you some leads. Fox example, see TDF#94765. If this is correct, I suspect that you don’t even have to modify anything for files saved by Inkscape to be fixed.