Cannot install Win64 file; says I need 5.2.7_Win_x86.msi

OK, I"m trying to install the newest version of LO: but I keep getting prompts that ask for the directory for LibreOffice 5.2.7_Win_x86.msi. Then when I click cancel because I do not have it, I get “Error 1714 The older version of LO cannot be removed.”

  1. I have not used LibreOffice in years, so I cannot remember the last time I even had it on my laptop. I’ve searched my laptop manually and through various uninstall programs and I can find no trace or remnants of any previous version.

  2. I looked through the help files for similar issues and tried the few recommendations of downloading the previous version and renaming it to the above file, and it doesn’t work. I get the same error messages.

  3. I get the exact same errors when I try to install the more stable version 6 currently available or even installing

  4. I also get the same eact errors when I try to install the 32-bit versions of either the beta or more stable versions of LO.


this is a problem with your Windows MSI installer cache, which requires the MSI package of your currently installed version to get it unsinstalled. To fix:

This should fix your issue, which is also described in LibreOffice FAQ - General Installation Issues (Windows)

Hope that helps.

I think I had done that previously, and it didn’t work (gave me the errors I described in my original post). but I did it exactly the way you described, and downloaded it from that particular location, and it didn’t work either. Now it goes straight to “Error 1714 The older version of LibreOffice cannot be removed” without it even asking for me to point to the directory that ver. 5 was downloaded to and renamed.

And you can’t even uninstall old version using default method of Windows by using Windows -> Settings -> Apps (before starting any new installation)?