Cannot install help file

I downloaded and installed LibreOffice 64bit on Windows 10. I downloaded the help file and I got the following files:

I tried to run the files as they were but Windows 10 did not know what to do with them (aske for an app)
I removed the .torrent from LibreOffice_7.0.3_Win_x64_helppack_en-GB.msi.torrent and tried to run this (LibreOffice_7.0.3_Win_x64_helppack_en-GB.msi) and I got the following message:

This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows installer package.

What you downloaded, are BitTorrent protocol files. They should be opened in a torrent client to download target files.

Or download the help pack(s) directly, click on the main link (such as Help for offline use: English (US)), not on the word of torrent.

You clicked the wrong links

Nonsense. They are right links. Downloading via torrents reduces the load on the TDF’s mirrors.

@gabix - and you assume me being that stupid? If a user asks a question containing info he tried to install a .torrent file or removed the .torrent to get an .msi file, what should I tell him about BitTorrent? And obviously he expected to get a .msi file and hence the link was wrong.

I doubt that you are stupid, at least most of your answers here prove the contrary. However, that comment of yours is a bit stupid. The links are right. The fact that the user does not know about the BitTorrent protocol (too old or too young? nevermind) does not make the links wrong.

Although I am old I have been a C++ programmer in a commercial environment for 20 years before I retired and I never came across BitTorrent before. Must be one of these obscure Unix thingies (I worked on Windows exclusively). But anyway as you can see from my previous comment the answer that was supplied by Qpaque helped me to solve my problem and I am very grateful for that…

Must be one of these obscure Unix thingies


You clicked the wrong links, if you get .torrent files. Click on **English (GB)** and not on torrent (torrent files are download description files required to download using a torrent client)

Thanks that was it!