Cannot install LibreOffice to D: drive (Windows): Not enough disk space on C: drive

As described in the answer in Install to drive D: in Windows, the custom installation allows to install LibreOffice to a custom location. However, when I pick D:/Program Files/LibreOffice (I created the folder, it exists), I get the following error screen:

(I hope the image shows up.)

Notably it says, “The highlighted volume does not have enough disc space available for the currently selected features.” Why is there still a space requirement on the C: drive, and a large one (755MB), when I tell it to install to the D: drive?

System: Windows 10, I’m trying to install LibreOffice_24.2.3_Win_x86-64.msi (348 MB) as downloaded on 4th of Mai 2024.

Windows default is to have your profile in a hidden folder on C: (check %APPDATA% )

I would suggest that you need enough space on the source drive - you are running the install from C:? - to unpack the installation files prior to the actual installation.

Try moving the installation package to D: and retry the install.

Even then you might have a problem as @Wanderer mentions, as the default profile structure seems to be around 17 MB. I would see if there is some space that could be cleared on C:.

This should be the first thing to do. Only 11MB of storage is not much as Windows often needs temporary storage.
The biggest thing in my %APPDATA% was for long time my mail account in Thunderbird…
After installing check where backups are created. I guess they are not welcome on C:

With only 11 MB left on your system drive, your only (unreliable in these circumstances!) option is a portable version.