Cannot install LibreOffice


I downloaded LibreOffice Portable on my SD card, and I cannot install it on the card. In fact, I am also getting this issue when trying to install the normal LibreOffice software too. I attached the error messages I received. I had to abort installation.

I must point out that I am using my SD card as a drive to install software. I have not got this issue on other software I have installed on it.

The Portable Apps installer can’t write to the SD card.

Is the SD card switched to Read Only? Possibly, your anti-virus is preventing the Portable Apps installer from writing to any drive

Can you simply copy some files to the card? Then, maybe, install LO to your hard drive and move the whole installation directory to the card as Astur advises.

guys like i stated, there arr other programs which are currently installed on this memory card with no issues. Security permissions are all checked, including write etc. Only with LibreOffice I am encountering this. Both portabke and the normal installer as well. The SD card has 50gb free space too.

IT IS WORKING. Thanks everyone