Cannot Install Update On Catalina

After updating on my old Windows 7 from to 7.0.3, the new version will not install on Catalina, even after deleting the former. This OS with this drag and drop into the Applications folder is creating too many copies of icons. I dragged the installer from the Downloads folder into the Applications folder. Then it did an install routine and created an icon which I also dragged and dropped. There is no program in the Launcher. This has me baffled!

Did you really follow the macOS installation instructions? Your description contains one “dragged and dropped” too much (as far as I understand the description).

Yes, I just got it to work. Now I have on Catalina version After reading the instructions carefully on how to install, I finally noticed that we are supposed to drag the installation file to the Applications folder “in the same window.” I don’t know how I got it to work before. Instead I opened up Finder and tried to drag it to the Applications folder there. Now I have a problem with the update I thought I had installed in Windows 7. Afterward I downloaded and installed the Help file. It is back to version Now I am uninstalling there to reinstall the update without the Help file. Thank you for making me look at the instructions more carefully.