Cannot install version on a Win 10 laptop. Keep getting error code 1935 during installation.

Have made several attempts to install, but always get the same result: Error 1935.

That search will give you paths to likely solutions. Also, to perhaps help you narrow down your search, the two most common causes I see for this error both seem to be related to the dotnet software library:

  • Ongoing Windows update. A conflict with a running install will usually give a different message and prevent installer startup, but sometimes (seems to be when you have updates with dotnet dependencies waiting to be resolved) this gives the 1935 error. See Windows’ Settings - updates to determine whether updates are installing/pending/awaiting reboot.
  • Installing to non standard container. Windows will allow installs inside Program files on your system drive (usually the C: drive) to register with dotnet 64-bit library, and what is inside Program files (x86) can register with the 32-bit version. If you install to different locations, you need to override the security settings for dotnet (which I do not recommend). Install to the location the installer suggests.

Thanks to @keme fort clarification and completion!