cannot live mail from within Libre Office

OS Windows 8.1X64.
Using Windows Live Mail MAPI
With Libre Office Version:
Build ID: 88805f81e9fe61362df02b9941de8e38a9b5fd16
Locale: en_GB

Unable to send email from within Libre Office.

Live mail fails to load properly when sending email. Live mail start logo loads but fails with error “Libre Office was unable to find a working e-mail configuration”.
Senddoc.exe fails when opened from senddoc.exe, program folder with error Sal3dll missing. (I have repaired with fresh download and the same happens)
I am informed by Microsoft that the problem is to be found in which does not have Live Mail listed.
Microsoft forum writes:
“The problem is with LO. Its code for invoking the default mail client and then using it to send a file apparently doesn’t have what it takes to invoke Windows Live Mail. This would normally involve looking up the default at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail, which gives the path to the default program’s executable. You’re sure that Windows Live Mail is now recorded as (Default)? Otherwise, you’d have to find out from the LO people where they look for the default mail client”

Whilst I am aware that the work around is to save as and then attach the file, a time consuming effort.

Can we have this shortfall corrected as a joined up program so emails can be sent using a more up to date set of email apps and configurations.

Regards. Whatsisname

Following up on this problem I found this explanation in LO readme file:

Problems When Sending Documents as E-mails From LibreOffice

When sending a document via ‘File - Send - Document as E-mail’ or ‘Document as PDF Attachment’ problems might occur (program crashes or hangs). This is due to the Windows system file “Mapi” (Messaging Application Programming Interface) which causes problems in some file versions. Unfortunately, the problem cannot be narrowed down to a certain version number. For more information visit to search the Microsoft Knowledge Base for “mapi dll”.

This is my post on Microsoft forum:

I have searched the Microsoft Knowledge Base, The headings for mapi.dll entries show reference to OS Win 8.1 but the technical texts do not mention 8.1

Is MAPI.dll required in 8.1 when using Windows Live Mail?

Could this be the missing link between LO and Win Live Mail?

I found several files on my c\ windows but do not know which one would be referred to with LO, Is there such an LO preferred mapi.dll and can the problem be narrowed down to certain version numbers?

This is the reply from Microsoft Forum:

Is MAPI.dll required in 8.1 when using Windows Live Mail?

I don’t have Windows 8.1, so I couldn’t say. The file doesn’t exist on my Windows 7 installation.

Could this be the missing link between LO and Win Live Mail?

Windows Live Mail brings its own version of MAPI, called smapi.dll. That’s what the instructions in the registry point to: DLLPath and DLLPathEx ➜ C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Mail\smapi.dll

If those entries aren’t there, then programs looking for the MAPI DLL for the default mail client won’t find it. Nor will programs that look elsewhere to find the default mail client. Note that there may be different default clients for different users.

Without knowing where LO is looking for the client, and having found it why it doesn’t pick up the DLL path, you’re not going to get anywhere with this. The registry entries should be quite clear:

@=“Windows Live Mail”

[HKLM\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\Windows Live Mail]
@=“Windows Live Mail”
“DLLPath”=“C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Mail\smapi.dll”

Windows Live Mail and Windows provide all the information needed for third-party programs to be able to invoke the client and use it to send a message. If LO can’t find or use that information, then I’m afraid that’s LO’s fault.

I have updated to LO in the hope that sal3.dll would be fixed, if that was the problem, but I still cannot send emails through Win Live Mail from within LO. I can find mapi.dll on my system but not smapi.dll.
Can I please ask you to comment on the above Microsoft response in where LO looks to enable Live Mail?
Please excuse the bold type that was in paste. I am unfortunately having to answer my first question because I am not getting a timely response