Cannot make dde link between two Writer files

Version: Build ID: 45e2de17089c24a1fa810c8f975a7171ba4cd432 Locale: nl_NL
Microsoft Windows 8 version 6.3 (build 9600)

I have 3 different computers running this version of Windows and LibreOffice.

In NONE it it is possible to make a DDE link between a part of the text in one document to a place in another document.
Regardless of the format I chose for the files: .odt or MS .docx .

The Help says it should be as simple as selecting text in one file; copy to clipboard; in the other file select “paste special” and chose “DDE link”. I also used this method in the past in MSWord.

But in the target file NO field is inserted and no text appears, only a border around the empty line.

On the internet I cannot find anything about other people having this problem.

Am I the only one and does it work for you?

PS It DOES work between a Calc file and a Writer file for me too!

Hi - I reproduce the bug on windows 7/64 with Version:
Build ID: c4c7d32d0d49397cad38d62472b0bc8acff48dd6
Locale: fr_FR

I created the Issue:

Thank you for reporting…

Thank you very much for verifying!