Cannot navigate out of cell using arrow keys - again

The cursor in my spreadsheet has become ‘stuck’ in one cell and won’t move from it using (e.g.) arrow keys or page up/down. The navigation operated normally when I opened the spreadsheet. Instead now if I ‘arrow left’ the cursor remains in the initial cell instead of moving the one on its left - instead the underlying grid of cells moves one column to the left. :confused:

Have I maybe ‘fat-fingered’ a shortcut setting somehow? This has happened before (I had to lose my changes and reload my spreadsheet).

Using Win10 and LibreOffice The spreadsheet has been converted from Excel

I have looked through all the settings, help and this help forum. Would very much appreciate an answer. Many thanks!

Hit the key Scroll Lock top right of your keyboard, right of the function keys (Fxx).

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