Cannot Open a CSV file in Libre Calc

I can open a csv file into OpenOffice Calc and Excel 2007 ok, but when I try opening it in LbreCalc I receive the message ‘The data could not be loaded completely because the maximum number of characters per cell was exceeded’.

I’m opening with the same separator options:

Separated by: Other - Pipe character, text delimiter - "

The problem originates from a text field that begins with

“Flying with friends” Flying in a hot air balloon…

Following this Calc ignores all the following pipe characters and tries to load all the remaining data into the same cell.

If I edit this field in the source csv file by adding a character before the first quote as follows:

Q"Flying with friends" Flying in a hot air balloon

Calc loads the file ok.

Please can this be looked into, thanks, John

Can you share a minimal sample file for test purposes?

Sounds like the text delimiter character is not correctly escaped when being used in text rather than as a delimiter.

I assume you have already tried to open the csv file with LO-writer, save it as csv file under a new name and try to open that with calc.