Cannot open a file saved with PGP anymore


I saved a file (calc, .ods) with my PGP key. My computer runs Windows 10. I used to be able to open it.

Now, when I open the file, libreoffice is asking for a password, while it should try to use the PGP key then ask for the passphrase. If I enter my passphrase, it doesn’t work and display “wrong password”.

Since last time I opened it, as far as I know, few elements changed : update of Windows (update number 2004, revert not allowed by my company), the version of libreoffice (but I don’t remember with which version I managed to open it last time), and the location of the file, indeed, my company changed domain, so my user changed.

Thank you!

Do you mean to log into your computer you use a different user-id? If so, the user PGP key is different. Or also, depending on how the update was done (update-while-running or installation from scratch), the PGP key may have been regenerated. Usually, this implies some UUID which contains the current time!