Cannot open attachments

I’ve recently migrated to a new PC (Windows 10). I use Thunderbird for my mail client and am having difficulty opening any LibreOffice Writer file that is sent to me as an attachment.

Yesterday, I was receiving error messages that the file did not exist. This error would recur for every word in the document title, first listing the location in the temp folder then listing the system 32 folder. If the document was called ‘grocery list.doc’, there would be two errors; one noting ‘appdata/local/temp/grocery does not exist’ and another ‘windows/system32/list does not exist’.

After a shutdown last night, this morning when I try to open an attachment, the same errors occur or I receive a command window for program files/LibreOffice/program/swriter.exe that lists commands and ends with ‘Press enter to continue’.

This issue is only happening with doc or docx files, any calc files open properly. I can save the problematic files to a documents folder and open them without issue. I have tried an uninstall and reinstall of libreoffice that didn’t seem to fix anything. I am currently using Any help is appreciated!

And why do you assume it is a problem of LibreOffice, if Thunderbird isn’t able to pass a filename (probably containing spaces) to the associated application correctly? Ability of LibreOffice to open the file(s) from “Documents” folder proves, that it isn’t a LibreOffice problem.

And btw: It is a dangerous habit to open files/attachments from your email application directly by double click on the attachment. Almost all viruses/malware/trojans find their way into systems and networks by users doing so.

And why do you assume it is a problem of LibreOffice

Yes, why? Especially when you state that:

This issue is only happening with doc or docx files

You have a third-party program, a foreign file format and a crappy operating system. Why blame LibreOffice?

I have the same problem and my conclusion is that LibreOffice is the cause. It also happens with pptx files. My reasoning is that I can open with OpenOffice. Also using File Explorer, I can go to the Temp file and then open it from there with LibreOffice.

Additional test, LibreOffice isn’t opening attachments that was created with LibreOffice. Open Office does open them.