Cannot open calc file (corrupted file)

When I tried to open a Calc file I have been using for a number of years with no issue, I got the following message:
Erreur de lecture.
Erreur de format dans le fichier du sous-document content.xml à la position 2,4927088(row,col).

I am no technical expert, so can someone help me correct this error? I will provide the Calc file.

Suivi Ventes et Commissions - US 52.ods (574.2 KB)
No back-up file (Iknow…)
LO version x64 Windows 10

Edit your question to upload the file (the middle icon from the toolbar in edit mode here).

Do you have a backup file? See in:

  • menu Tools - Options - Load/Save - General, [ ] Always create backup copy; and
  • menu Tools - Options - LibreOffice - Paths, Backups value.

Which LibreOffice version are you using? And operatin system? Thanks.

updated as suggested

When I open the content.xml with Firefox it says:

 Error de análisis XML: etiqueta sin par. Se esperaba: </text:p>.
 Línea 2, columna 4927071:

It seems to me that the file end (since column 4915596) is severely corrupted.

LeroyG may have tried this, but I ran it through the zip -FF option and got output, but still no luck opening content.xml.

As I wrote in private, someone with more knowledge than me maybe can recover the data in a easier way.

Just found a back-up copy dated last December 21. I will be able to recover from there. Sorry if I used too much of your time for this issue, but it was and is really appreciated.


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Fwiw, already the zip content itself is broken

inflating: content.xml
error: invalid compressed data to inflate
bad CRC 8b9be82e (should be 787b41fc)

There’s a page of 0-bytes mid files, likely a disk sector or other memory/storage failure.

I could extract the content.xml subfile, and open it with an editor without problem. But it is corrupted near the end.

I think so.