Cannot open .doc files with LibreOffice from File Manager on Windows 7

Hello! I have a similar problem to the one listed here, but the question was not answered despite the post being closed.

I know how to associate a file in Windows 7. I have gone to Start Menu > Default Programs > Associate a File Type or Protocol with a Program, selected .doc, clicked Change Program, selected Browse, and drilled down to the swriter.exe file in C:\Program Files (x86)\LibreOffice 3.6\program . I clicked Open.

The problem is that nothing happens when I do this. No association is made - Writer doesn’t show up in the list of Recommended Programs in the Open With window.

Can anyone tell me a way of making the association work (I’ve also tried the right-click > Open with method - same problem), or is this something that will be fixed in a future version of LibreOffice? Thanks!

Thank you for checking into it, Pedro. I tried the solution you suggested, and got the following message:

Access is denied.
Error occurred while processing .doc.

Oh, well. Thank you for responding! I’ll update to the most current version and see if that helps.

It is something that generally works but sometimes is broken… Until now (as far as I know) no definitive solution has been found.

You could try this to reset the doc association:

Copy this


Then click Start, Run and enter CMD A Command Prompt window will open. Right click in this Window and select Paste. Then press Enter.

Then associate doc again with Writer using one of the methods you already used. Please report back :wink:

A feature/enhancement request has already been added to the LibreOffice tracker but no developer has found it interesting enough :wink:

(Source for the reset association hack: