cannot open document I've already worked on. Error message File format error SAXParseException

Hello, I was trying to open a file I’d already been working on for a couple of weeks, the error message is File format error SAXParseException. Any ideas?

You would need to update your file, which is probably a docx document. The file is corrupted and needs to be inspected using an XML validator/editor tool. You also could perform yourself, if you are familiar with using ZIP Tools (to extract the XML files contained within the docx file), XML editor and validating XML files, fix the issue and re-add files to a zip-container.

You may also search this site by entering SAXParseException into the search box and you’ll get plenty of other post related to this issue.

My recommendation: Don’t use alien formats. Use LibreOffice’s native format ODF.

@anon73440385 - do you mean upload rather than update ?

@robleyd - OMG, yes of course I mean “upload”. Thanks for the hint …