Cannot open file from network disk (smb) LibreOffice on Linux Mint 17.1

Hey! I have a problem. I can not open file from my share folder (smb protocol).

I read that some users have the same issues and they added this to the term

sed -i

But in my case it doesn’t help. Does anyone know how can I solve my problem?
LibreOffice on Linux Mint 17.1

I have the same problems. I have LM 17 64 bit with LO 5. I tried the fix you mentioned but no such file found answered back in terminal. Very frustrating. I use LM at work and this slows me down. I tried Ubuntu Gnome 15 on a virtual box and they opened smb network files just fine. Maybe I will try a fresh install of LM 17.2 and LO 5 on virtual box and see what happens.

Just Runing this script on terminal, with sudo root :

skill -KILL -u username

umount /home/path/user/.gvfs