Cannot open, may not have appropriate permissions

I downloaded and installed Libre Office. When I try to open. I get the message, Cannot open from shortcut. May not have appropriate permissions. I cannot open even the first time to be able to use. What am I missing? Would like to use this but cannot even open.

need help with this issue

It seems to me that you downloaded the torrent file.

My recommendation:

  • go to
  • select language and version you need
  • then down load the msi-file by clicking on “Main Installer” (don’t click on Torrent, Info and Hashes)
  • and for the help file click on “Libre Office built-in help” (again don’t click on Torrent, Info and Hashes)

Therafter first install the main SW and next the built-in help.

With this download you have all you need. I do it always this way.