Cannot open odt on linux that was written using libreoffice on windows. I notice biblio entry style names are HUGE in content.xml (>20k chars!). Is this a known defect?

Just to recap:

  1. .odt file is written using libreoffice on windows 7 (libreoffice version, 64bit)
  2. File cannot be opened on linux - hangs using 100% cpu (libreoffice version on opensuse 12.3)
  3. File can be read on windows.
  4. I notice in content.xml, biblio entry style names are huge - up to 30 thousand chars! Presumably this is the problem. I see them 7K long in another .odt generated on windows also, which can be read on linux.

I don’t know that the biblio thing is the root cause, but it seems pretty unusual!

Here’s a snippet from content.xml…

        <text:index-entry-bibliography text:bibliography-data-field="identifier" text:style-name="_30__20__5f_30_5f__5f_20_5f__5f_5f  <<<snip>>> f_5f_5f_5f_5f_5f_Strong_5f_5f_5f_5 <<<snip>>> _5f_5f_5f_Emphasis"/>

Enormous numbers of 5f are prevalent.
Looking in a linux generated content.xml, I see

        <text:index-entry-bibliography text:bibliography-data-field="identifier" text:style-name="Strong_20_Emphasis"/>

which looks much more normal.
Any ideas? Is this a known defect?

That style name is definitely erroneous. Please report a bug as it should not be doing that. Be sure to provide an example file (before and after if possible) with clear steps as to how to obtain the (after) file with the enormous style names. If you do report a bug, please post a comment back here with the bug number in the form “fdo#123456”. Thanks