Cannot open password protected ODS file

I cannot open an ods file that is password protected. I had the file open, closed it w/o edits, and tried to reopen it within five minutes when this started. I am certain that I am using the correct PW (I open this file daily, and I confess to having the password written down as well). I have multiple backup copies of this file, all with the same PW, and none of those will open either. I tried opening the file on another PC in case LO was corrupted, no success. Tried opening with Open Office. Any suggestions? I am running Windows 10 1909 with all updates current. LO is (x64).

Never mind! My keyboard was malfunctioning, and since the PW field does not show what you are typing I did not notice it. I tried typing the password into notepad so I could copy and paste it in place and discovered that a key was not working. Keyboard replaced, problem solved. My only explanation for the file not opening on the other PC is that I must have entered the PW wrong as panic began to set it.

Thanks for clarifying!