Cannot open Report Builder in LO

I am running LibreOffice on Debian 11, it’s the version of LO that downloads with apt for this version of Debian. So, base has been working fine. I’ve been transferring my characters db from access to base by creating the tables and porting over the data via comma delimited csv files, and then creating the forms manually and using the form wizard. But when it came to creating the reports, I ran into problems.

When I click on “Create Report in Design View…” nothing would come up. The same thing when I clicked on the report icon in the tool bar or the Report option in the Insert menu.

Another thing, In Report Wizard, the wizard would skip from Sort Options to Create Report. I always have to click on the back button to get to Choose Layout. Then the only layouts available were where the data was arrange in a row and non where they were arranged in a column. I saw in videos that it was supposed to give me the option of column arraignments, but it didn’t. Also I can modify the resulting report but I don’t know how to access the database fields. So, I feel stuck.

Any ideas would surely be appreciated. Thanks.

Open the report for modifikation and check the properties of the items.
If you click a field the properties-dialog usually has a “Data”-Tab, where you can select all available fields of the table, view or query you gave as datasource.

To change to another query I usually use the report-navigator, where I can open properties for the report and then change the source on the data-tab.

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Seems the Debian version of LO hasn’t included Report Builder. What you are describing is the old legacy report engine.

Have a look at the packages of your distribution. Look for something like libreoffice-report-builder.

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Have a look at the packages of your distribution. Look for something like libreoffice-report-builder .

Thanks RoberG. That’s exactly what it was. I previously uninstalled the packages of LibreOffice in an attempt to upgrade to the current version, but I changed my mind and reinstalled the version that came with the distro. I suppose this package got missed somehow in the shuffle.