Cannot open reports in LibreOffice Version:

I have just switched to Libre Office BuilVersion: Build ID: 1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.2d ID: 1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.2, and to Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon from 18.3. I am using a split-database. All seems to be working more or less correctly with the changeover, but now I cannot any longer open any reports I previously made and which formerly opened under my previous version of libre office 5.? and Linux Mint 18.3. The only message I get when attempting to open a report is:
The document “document name” could not be opened. Can anyone help me. I see someone had a similar problem some years back, but it doesnt seem to be my problem.
I have tried this with some databases which are not split and seem to have the same problem.

I should note this is a 64-bit system of 19.1 Cinnamon and L.O.

@AlexKemp: I see a clear value having questions answered, and correct answers accepted. Yet, I don’t see any value at all in closing answered questions. Why? Tomorrow, someone may propose a new and better alternative.

Closed questions are easily reopened. Do that if you are offended (I shall not be).

True (partially), but what is the value in closing them? Also only one having enough karma can reopen it.

It appears a lot of your changes are petty and do little if any good. Your insignificant changes are bringing, in some cases, years old questions to the top of the list and pushing current items down. Also changing titles breaks links some of us have been keeping for years.

I understand changing tags on current questions but not on those going back years. Years after the question is asked & answered the system changes - now should all these tags be changed? Of course not. Recently was asked to change an old answer because new documentation was released. Ridiculous!

Please stop!

So sorry that I exist and have a different balance of priorities to yourself. This is what living with other humans means. I appreciate that you would feel easier if the whole world thought and acted in exactly the same fashion as you. Unfortunately, that will never be the case.

My apologies if my correcting spelling mistakes in Titles have broken your links. I shall stop doing that. I certainly do not wish to needlessly cause you harm nor difficulty.


Do what you want. It is hard enough dealing with this site with all its’ problems. I simply want people to get answers and when links are posted they do not get broken.

I do not care enough about the questions being open or closed to spend any time arguing about it. Obviously I thought it to be right that the question should be marked closed; the answer had been accepted & it was asked over a year ago (old LO version + OS version). I am perfectly happy if you decide to reverse my action - I do not expect others to behave in exactly the same way as me, and it how we learn to fine-tune our decisions.


There have been a few problems regarding Report Builder recently. All seems to be OK with LO version 6.1.3.x and newer.

Yes effectively, I downloaded version and they work again. Thank you!

Most happy to be of help. :slight_smile: