Cannot open xlsx from Excel 2010 - general input/output error

After clicking xlsx file, the green logo Libre Office appears and then general error (input/output).
If running calc and use File-Open-navigate to xlsx file, only error appears.
Version 4.0.x.x and Czech (Win7Pro and Java JRE 1.7.0_45).
What should I try?

Multiple problems can be associated with this error message:

  1. The obvious. Can you access this file? Do you have a read permission on file/directory?
  2. Where is this file stored on local disk or some network shared disk? I know there were problems reported for remote files.
  3. Are you using some kind of password protected file in Excel?
  4. It can also be a bug. Can you post exact error message.

    Is this the only file you have problems with or are there multiple files with the same problem? Can you attach the file to this forum (if data in file are not private)?