Cannot paste filtered data into new column

Hi all:

I’m running on Win10. Have already installed the ‘copy visible cells’ extension.
Working on a larger data set in Calc and finally ran into an issue that’s making me miss Excel.

The situation:
Column A contains text data that’s being pulled via VLOOKUP. Column A has also been filtered to exclude certain results.
Now that I’ve filtered down to what I need, I want to copy this filtered data and paste it into a separate sheet to perform additional analysis.

The issue:
When I try to copy/paste my filtered data out of Column A and into Sheet B, I run into the “insert into multiple selection not possible” error.

What I’ve tried so far:

  • The ‘copy visible cells’ extension seems to not work
  • Changing data formats to ensure consistency hasn’t done anything
  • Pasting unformatted text vs values doesn’t get around the issue

I’m very surprised to find a lack of documentation on this issue. I’ve found a few bug tracker entries that are 10+ years old and a couple of very short posts about this (none resolved), but considering this is basic spreadsheet functionality I’m not sure how else to proceed but to switch back to Excel. Can anyone help me resolve this issue?