Cannot paste from LO Writer to MS Office Word 2003


We have two computers running LO Version: and …0.4 experiencing problems when copying and pasting stuff from LO to MS Word. When we copy in LO, and try to past into Word, then absolutely nothing happens. But if we paste into Notepad then it works just fine. It all started since we updated LO from version to Before that pasting into Word 2003 worked just fine. One computer has Word 2003 and the other Word 2007.

One of the computers run XP and the other Win 8.1. So it does not seem to have anything to do with which version of Windows you run.

What could be the problem?


This sounds like it may be related to bug fdo#74584, which was introduced in v4.2.0 and fixed for v4.2.2. Try upgrading your copy of LO and see if the problem persists.

thanks, Oweng

That solved the issue.


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