Cannot paste unformatted text in HTML doc by any means (works in Apache)

I frequently have a need to paste unformatted text, and in AOO i create a shortcut key to do so (F2) but on LOO this does not work, nor does Ctrl+Shift+V and even the paste special option is missing under Edit.

Even trying to paste any copied text of what am writing here will not work when trying to paste in an html document, though it will paste in an .odt doc.

However, trying to paste formatted text from outside this box (such as “Please ask your question here”) does not work in either an odt or html document. Yet this is not a problem in Aoo with the very same documents (these are not opened at the same time).

I have searched and see other users have had issues related to this but I find no solution to my problem.

Now when I installed AOO I did load the keyboard configuration file I had saved from AOO and which worked before with Loo, but only the unformatted text shortcut key does not with Version:

However, I have a parallel installation of LOO ver. and loading the keyboard configuration file I had saved works fine ion that install, with F2 pasting the unformatted text that my default installation does not.

Does anyone know which configuration file in the profile determines this behavior?