Cannot print after Windows 10 update

I have been using LibreOffice with no problems with Windows 10 (Version 1709). Several days ago, I updated to LibreOffice version and was able to print. Last night (Nov 9) Windows 10 initiated a Feature Update and now I cannot print from LibreOffice. I can print webpages and I can print emails in Thunderbird. Windows settings show my printer as the default printer and under the “events” tab it shows the device was migrated on Nov 9. Don’t really know what that means. When I am in Libre Office and select printer settings, I get a message saying the default printer has not been set. Seems like Windows and Libre Office aren’t speaking to each other. I uninstalled and reinstalled LibreOffice with no luck. It seems like the answer to everything is to reset the user profile, but I don’t know how to make a backup profile in case things go south so I’m leery to try it.

I used a solution of using the x86 version; but only worked when I changed all the fonts to Arial; I was using a Philosopher opentype font. Perhaps changing fonts may help some with this issue. Sounds strange to me, that changing the font would allow the documents I could not print, to immediately print with no problem. I sure hope this helps someone else. I have been working and searching for a couple of months for a fix.