Cannot print text box background colour

Hi. Using Writer (x64) in Win 10. I have a simple A4 document in which I have a couple of text boxes in amongst other mainstream text. These text boxes have a grey background set. It displays correctly onscreen when both editing and in Print Preview. There is no transparency setting for either of the text boxes, they are completely opaque. When I print this page to my Brother HL2030 sitting on a D-Link print server on my home network the background fill won’t print. No other programme I use has a problem with this and prints everything as it should be. The same document saved as a PDF and printed from Acrobat Reader prints correctly.

Can anyone suggest what might be wrong here?

Try to print while in Safe Mode (menu Help - Restart in Safe Mode).
Would you share a reduced sample file to test? Please, edit your question to upload it. Thanks.

Maybe you have Ink Save Mode set in the printer driver? It might apply it to backgrounds as well. From Brother inkjet printer Help:
“When Ink Save Mode is enabled, any images contained within printed documents will appear as outlines. This will help to reduce the amount of ink that is used during printing.”

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Thanks Leroy. I was going to test by following your suggestions when Al’s reply came in and he’s hit the nail on the head. Your response is appreciated.

Well whaddya know! RTFM!!! You were right on the ball Al. I did have Toner Save Mode turned on and I had absolutely no idea it prevented backgrounds from being printed. I’m older and wiser now, thanks for your help Al, (and Leroy).

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