Cannot remove blue trace arrows...even when I click "remove all traces"


I have 3 cells that will not delete the blue precedent or dependent arrows (of which there are many).
I am aware of …but it does not work.Even deleting the cell contents does not remove them.

If I trace other cells anywhere on sheet…the arrows/lines get removed when directed as above…but these 3 problem cells just stay and stay.


I have the same problem while using LibreOffice calc x64


Try the Select tool (Drawing toolbar): select the blue arrows by dragging the mouse to surround them, then use Delete key.


Nope…:frowning: That deletes the cell contents, but does not remove the arrows. In fact, I can completely delete the entire sheet’s content…and the lines are still there.

This does not remove the contents of the cell if the arrows have been selected. Of course, if the arrows are not selected, the Delete key deletes the current selection. I upvoted your question to increase your “karma” so that you can attach a link to an example of problematic document.

perfect! this was the only thing that helped me clean up my document - I’d upvote you if I had the rep