Cannot remove line created through ***


So, in the text I am writing, I use seperator lines through typing three * next to each other without a gap and then pressing return (for some reason it won’t allow me to write the three * next to each other here). This creates a black line, which is very handy, but I am unable to delete it when I go back and edit the text. Also, at one point, this line almost seems burned into the page, because I added some text prior to the black line, and instead of the black line remaining at the end of the section, it stayed where it was on the page, and the last few sentences were pushed to the other side of the line. It is quite frustrating as this is a very long piece of text and will need to be edited, and it will be rather complicated if I can simply remove or move these black lines.

There seems to be no way of highlighting or selecting the line. And, obviously, if I use a simple back space or delete button, then it only deletes the text either above or below the line (depending on which button I press) and does not delete the line itself.

Any help would be very much appreciated and I offer my thanks in advance.

Hello Scott191919, place your text cursor directy above the line and press CTRL-M or select the menu “Format:Clear Direct Formatting”.
See here.