Cannot save text formatting (size, color, etc)

I create rtf files in Ubuntu. It will not save font size, color, and other settings when I close the file and reopen it. It always reverts to the original size, etc when reopened, including reverting to “Preformatted Text”. I haven’t been able to find a relevant section in the user manual that might explain whatever is overiding my settings. Thanks.

There are improvements being made to RTF support (cgit log for RTF keyword) all the time, however many open bugs remain (open bugs with “RTF” in summary). Have a look through that list to see if you can find one or more related bugs for your issue. If you cannot find one, feel free to report a new bug. If you do find an existing bug or report a new bug, please post a comment back here indicating the related bug in the format “fdo#123456”. Thanks.

Thanks for the response. I found a way to circumvent the problem.

I replaced the Rtf template in the Templates folder with one created in LibreOffice. Now, when an rtf file is created by right-clicking the desktop, it has my preset font and font size, AND it maintains all changes of font size and color, bold, etc etc, when I save the file and re-open it.

It seems as if there was something “All Powerful” about rtf’s created from the previous rtf template. NONE of the adjustments I experimented with in Libreoffice’s Options settings made ANY difference. They seemed completely useless for any future save-able changes to my documents.

I’m only worried now about any future rtf files I create in Windows and open here in Ubuntu. Haven’t had time to try it. Thanks again for your response!

@KM1, thanks for reporting back. RTF support is not complete in LO (as indicated in my answer) so it is most likely that there is simply a setting not being picked up by LO. This will improve over time, and hopefully to a point where the majority of features in that format are supported, for the purposes of migration to an open format, if nothing else.