Cannot save Writer file in LibO and in Linux Mint 17.3 KDE

I have parallel installations.

LibO 5.0.3 is the default installation in LM 17.3 KDE

I installed parallel the version 5.3.6 and also following the LibO guide lines.

When I run LibO 5.3.6 or LibO I cannot save any Writer file and get the error message:


I can save all other file types of LibO 5.3.6; only Writer cannot be saved.

I am grateful for your help!

(edit: activated screenshot -AK)

For quick reference, the error message is

error  writing  subdocument  styles.xml

Same problem here. I think it might be something to do with certain styles. I saved as docx and my backgrounds were lost, but after this I was able to save as odt.

I am running Ubuntu 17.04 Gnome 3.

With the accidential help of xisco from LibO QA I found the solution.


  • saved current user profile with a different name
  • started LibO so it creates a new user profile (with this user profile I could save the Writer files of v 5.3 and 5.4)
  • copied step by step all sub-folders and files from the old user profile into the new user profile folder and replaced thus all sub-folders in the new profile. After each folder and file I tested if Writer 5.4 can be saved.

Note: I found the problem was in the config sub-folder of the old user profile. Then I did the same procedure again and copied all sub-folders and files from the old config sub-folder into the new config sub-folder.
Strange so, but at the end, the new config sub-folder contained the same, what the old config sub-folder contained but I can save the Writer files of versions 5.3 and 5.4