Cannot set background color for text or paragraph

The LO Help file says, regarding a paragraph background:

  1. Place the cursor in the paragraph or select several paragraphs.
  2. Choose Format - Paragraph.
  3. On the Background tab page, select the background color or a background graphic.

When I do this, no Background tab is visible in the Format/Paragraph dialog box.

There are similar directions for setting a colored background on bits of text. And, again, I do not have a Background tab in the Format/Character dialog. Am I missing something obvious? I do see a Highlight option in Format/Character, but highlighting is not the same thing as background (at least in apps that I am used to).

I’m using LO Writer 5.3.3. on Win7.

Instead of ‘background’ search for ‘Area’ tab.

Thank you, that solves the issue for paragraphs. Apparently the help file is out of date (yes, I did download the most recent one when I installed 5.3.3).

For character background, I am guessing that the reference to a background tab in Help is also wrong and that LO now treats highlighting as equivalent to background for characters. Can anyone confirm that?

I think it is a recent change, please report the issue Feedback | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft