Cannot set background color in libre calc

OS: Fedora Workstation
LibreOffice version: Flathub
File Name: “AFID.ods”
Color Scheme: LibreOffice

Using downarrow or Format-Cells in toolbar, cannot set backgound color.

You mean you press the tipping paint bucket icon and nothing happens? Did you use the small down arrow to the right of the bucket to set the color you want the first time?


Please, basically you have to specify the operating system and the LibreOffice version (three digits, e.g. 7.3.2).
Furthermore, specify the file type in which you saved.
Edit your initial question, to do it.
All important information about your initial question should be present in the initial question box, otherwise edit and complete it.
Do not use comments for this.

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Maybe that is a protected document with protected cells(?)

Can you upload your sample file here?

Protected cells was the issue and this only applies after the current sheet has been protected. Thank you Zizi64!

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