Cannot start libre office because windows username path has a symbol

I have a symbol for my windows username(∞), and libreoffice gives the error “User installation could not be completed” when attempting to start the program. I’m using version on Windows 7 SP1 64bit. Other windows accounts with normal usernames load the program just fine.

Upgrade to 5.0.0 RC3:

rautamiekka, that did nothing but waste my time.

As I understand it, this is an issue for Windows & not for LO/OO, as for all matters relating to the system (such as folder paths) LO/OO uses the system API to do it’s stuff (if this were not the case, then LO/OO could not work the same on 3 completely different OS).

The fix, then, is to change the character that is causing grief.

Then I guess I wont be using LO/OO.