Cannot type in text

Fedora 37, Writer

Cannot enter text; cursor starts on far left of page, not where the crossbar is. Cannot move cursor with mouse.

Try with menu Edit - Edit Mode (or at least with Select Text).
What is the crossbar?

Please, give a clue of what do you see; at least a screenshot, including formatting marks (Ctrl+F10), title bar, status bar, cursor and rulers. Thanks.
See my sample below.

You were requested to screenshoot with View>Formatting Marks. Also, View>Text Boundaries is very helpful.
As such your screenshot does not show anything. We can just guess the cursor is in the header area, provided my crystal ball has been really well cleaned.

Not sure what to do; all those boxes were checked under View. Cannot get the cursor into the text area.

Please press Ctrl+F10 to view the Formatting Marks.

Then you can see the PILCROW “¶” and other control characters.

Upload a reduced and anonymized file here so that someone can examine it.

Here you can find the further References for this page.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

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It might be a graphics issue, similar to this old bug tdf#113616 where the cursor appeared offset vertically which was fixed by disabling OpenGL for that graphics card

You could try step 5 then if no effect step 7 in First steps to take before submitting a bug - The Document Foundation Wiki

OpenGL was disabled; I have integrated graphics. Everything is checked as suggested. Not sure how to attach the file.

Follow the link to “further References” given by @Hrbrgr.

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You don’t have OpenGL used in your version of LibreOffice so it can’t be disabled or enabled. You must have disabled something else, probably OpenCL, which manages large calculations in Calc.

Did you try disabling Skia?

Thanks for the suggestion, but Skia does not show up as something I can disable

I have other odt files which work, but they were converted from Microsoft Word documents.

I’m also under F37 with LO, but my desktop is KDE Plasma. Is yours GNOME? Do you run under Wayland? I had to revert to X11 because of graphics card incompatibility.
Please post a copy of information returned by Help>About LO

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This file was not saved; so it seems that you can enter text, or at least delete text.

  1. What you call “the crossbar”, is the “_|” symbol that marks the Text Boundaries (menu View)?
  2. The “cursor” is the “|” above and right of “is”?
  3. Can you move the cursor with the arrow keys (and Home, End, etc.)?

Now it is working and I did absolutely nothing!