Cannot uninstall 3.4 due to "Please exit LibreOffice"

I’ve searched for a while, and the methods say to open task manager and ensure any LO related programs are killed. None are running. I don’t even have the quickstarter component installed. There are so many bug duplicates and reports, but none have fixes that worked for me.

I have never had Openoffice or any previous LO version installed.

However, when attempting to uninstall 3.4, the program errors. This also happens when attempting to install 3.5.

Some people have mentioned running the uninstall program as admin, and others say the problem is that the uninstall attempts to rename a directory that doesn’t exist and then quits.

The primary question I have is: what is the workaround for me to uninstall LO?

Related to this: 1) Where is the uninstall executable for LO so that I can navigate to it and attempt to run it as admin? And 2) Can I create this directory so the uninstaller has something to rename and then won’t just quit?

Thanks, Joe

Well, I’ve somehow got upgraded to 3.5.1 now, I’m not exactly how I got around the bugs, but here’s what I did.

From control panel, modified the install of 3.4.2 that I was on and removed all programs but then added the quickstarter (which I hadn’t installed previously, I added thinking that maybe because it wasn’t installed it was glitching and thinking it was running even though it wasn’t)

Still couldn’t upgrade to 3.5.1, so upgraded to the latest 3.4.x (6 i think).

Then was able to remove LO.

Couldn’t install 3.5.1 because of a possibly unrelated problem with a corrupt CAB, but not sure if related or not, but 3.5.0 worked and installed.

Removed 3.5 because upgrade to 3.5.1 still didn’t work after redownloading.

Redownloaded from a different server, tried 3.5.1 install again and it worked.

I’m really not sure what “fixed” it, but I hope it’s easier next time! Wow, I know why I run Linux whenever possible (I can’t on this machine though). Package managers are so much easier than all this garbage and glitchiness of Winblows 7…

That is not 100% true, for normal Users GUI installation is easier → Windows, but if you are used to Linux is better… PS: I have done some work and did some QA builds (Linux x64 deb necesary but NO installation…

Are you able to update to the latest 3.4??

Tried and it didn’t work either. I did find that by modifying the current installation and adding the quickstarter to the install, I was able to update to 3.5.0, so I guess this may be an answer. But now it says the cab is correct when I try to update to 3.5.1, so I’m not sure what is wrong now…

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