Cannot Upgrade or Uninstall

In Win10 Home, I was trying to update my LO ver to the newest, but I got a message asking for “LibreOffice_7.3.3_Win_x64.msi”, (for sure I deleted the installer). Now I cannot uninstall, modified nor Update, and did not find the requested installer in LibreOffice’s old files directory. Please your help.

Select older LibreOffice version from archive

Yes, I tried, but the message continue asking the same …7.3.3_Win…msi , tryied with older version and, even with newer versions, also tried changing the name with the exact one ( without the last digit number version saying that selected is not a valid installation package), problem persists. Message also states Try to find LibreOffice_7.3.3_Win_x64.msi in a folder which you can install LibreOffice". an Error1712also appears.

…an Error1712also appears.

Please have a look at:

General Installation Issues (Windows)

Systemfehlercodes (1700-3999)

Just trying to uninstall this is the message:
Since does not select any of the installers I just dowmnloaded, even changing names and directories, following message appears ( in next reply)

Sorry, they are in Spanish.


The “general issues” FAQ lists a troubleshooting tool from Microsoft.

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