Cannot wrap text in writer table

Have entered more text than a writer table cell can hold. there does not seem to be a way to change the attribute to wrap text (expand the size of the cell). Tried selecting the cell, selecting Format>Wrap but all the options in the pop up box are greyed out.

I think nowadays this is the default behaviour in tables when using Writer.

What I cannot seem to find is a way to stop it and get the table to show the data that fits in the strict size cell.

Click in the row that is having the issues. Then use the top menu (NOT the pop-up menu, but the menu across the top of the window) to click on “Table” | “Autofit” | “Optimal Row Height”. That should cause that row to grow in height and allow text to wrap.

Normally when one creates a new table in Writer the rows are set to “fit to size”, which would allow the rows to automatically expand as needed and wrap text.

That worked! Thank you.