Can't anchor image in header

I try to place an image in a header by anchoring it to the page (inside the header). However, when I save and open the file again, the image has moved down from the header. It is no longer anchored to the page but rather anchored to characters.

Why is this happening and how can I successfully do this simple task?

Thank you.

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Hi - As I do not reproduce on my platform with .odt I suppose you save the document in a format other than .odt?


Yes, you are right. I have been saving it as docx.


anchored to the paragraph. It works.

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Yes, that works! Thank you.

When you anchor something to page, you anchor it to one specific location in the document, for instance page 11. The header doesn’t belong to any fixed page. As wrote, you have to anchor to paragraph, or in some cases to character, dependent on the kind of image. Remember that anchoring means you fix the image to a location relative to the anchor. Anchor to page means relative to a spot on a specific page. Anchor to paragraph means relative to the location of that paragraph - regardless of the page where that paragraph sits. Because the header location is fixed, the location of an image anchored to paragraph or character in the header will get the same location on all pages where that header appears.

What is a bit surprising is that this happens even when the header is a first page header. Anyway, you and Charlie certainly know the solution, so thank you.

That doesn’t matter. You can use the First Page style for the first page of the chapters of a book, and then you still have many pages with that style.

To be clear. When the header is a first-page header, are you saying that the image should appear in pages other than the first page?

If you have different headers/footers for first page, then anything from the first page headers/footers (including objects anchored to their text) should only appear on those first pages.

That is what I thought. However, some of the comments are a bit unclear. To understand the logic, something anchored to a page is still not anchored to a specific location on the page. Correct? It seems a bit counterintuitive but I guess I can understand it.

Anchoring to a page is some bad anchoring, that should have been removed completely. “Pages” in Writer are ephemeral run-time autogenerated entities, which existence depends on if the content needs this page for layout or not. If you change text properties (e.g., size); or make changes that involve placing text only on even pages; or many other things - a specific page may simply vanish. So - to what are you anchoring exactly? Placement relative to page is entirely different, and OK.