Can't change MacroSecurityLevel without graphical interface

I have LO 5.1 on Ubuntu 12.04 without graphical interface (on server).
Tried to change parameter MacroSecurityLevel (_) in main.xcd but it didn’t help (Security Level in LO was not change).


According to my tests (on windows but it must be the same with Linux), the .xcd (example on the wiki) is taken into account if the profile is new on the next start. If a profile already exists, the registrymodifications.xcu is not overloaded.

One solution may be to directly edit registrymodifications.xcu .


See information about profile on this wiki page.


I didn’t find registrymodifications.xcu Made file registrymodifications.xcu, but it is not work.

You are not perhaps looking in the right place, I updated my answer to add a link…

It works! Thanx a lot. I just made test.xcd (example on the wiki) And put it into …share\registry\