Can't change My Documents path using Ubuntu 12.10

I want to change the file location where documents are automatically saved. I am following the instructions and clicking on Options/LibreOffice/Paths where I get a menu listing AutoCorrect; AutoText; Backup; Gallery; Graphics; My Documents; Templates; and Temporary Files. If I click on My Documents and then push the Edit button, nothing happens. However, if I click on AutoCorrect; AutoText; Gallery; or Templates, I get a second box with change instructions. In addition to My Documents, nothing happens also if I click on Backup; Gallery; or Temporary Files. What am I doing wrong?

Is Tools > Options… > LibreOffice > General > Open/save dialogs > Use LibreOffice dialogs checked or unchecked? May not be related, but try un/checking it.

Ubuntu 12.10 is long out of support. Please update.